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3:25 minutes KE Confessions: Real Runaway Brides

30 % of women say they walk down the aisle knowing they don't want to marry the guy.

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12:26 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 08-16-2011

How do you keep a good man around? The one thing you can start doing today.
Plus, who has Wisconsin's Best Custard? Did your favorite make the list?

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14:35 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 08-08-2011

What would you do? Do you let your kids buy those crappy carney toys at the fair? Plus, you'll never believe what happened at wedding in Milwaukee over the weekend, it may surprise you.

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10:01 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 08-03-2011

What are Bridesmaids doing that may be upsetting the Bride?

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4:56 minutes Who has ruined you wedding?

Was there someone that just made you wedding go wrong in every way possible? Find out what happened to some listeners on their special day.

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1:50 minutes Is it too soon to ask her?

Mix listener has only been dating his girlfriend for 6 months and wants to pop the question...is it too soon?

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2:10 minutes Classy or Trashy: The Dollar Dance

Planning a wedding? Is it classy or trashy to do the dollar dance? (Aired 08/10/09)

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