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1:30 minutes Where do you find a GOOD bad sweater?

Tony is going to a party this weekend and needs a little advice. Can you help?

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2:32 minutes How do you tell a friend she is CRAZY?

She did something that is questionable and I don't know how to tell her. (Aired 9/8/09)

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1:44 minutes Ladies are becoming men...

How can you be like a man?

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4:54 minutes Do theater kids get as much attention as sports kids?

Glee is back on TV and it had us talking about growing up as theater kids. (Aired 9/9/09)

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1:27 minutes Why is Oprah being compared to the sun?

Listen to what one Mix listener things about Oprah's new look. (Aired 9/9/09)

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2:58 minutes Elizabeth tells Kidd he is RIGHT!

Really how could this happen? (Aired 9/9/09)

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2:41 minutes What makes 09-09-09 so specail?

There are good things and bad things about the number 9...what are they? (Aired 09/09/09)

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2:09 minutes What do gay men and Harley riders have in common?

More than you may think...

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3:09 minutes How do you talk about sex?

Elizabeth and Kidd have come up with a new way to talk about sex on the radio. (Aired 09/02/09)

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4:31 minutes What can your boss ask you to do?

Is your boss crossing the line by asking you to pick up his dry cleaning?

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