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20:44 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 06-28-2011

Elizabeth's husband wants to fix WHAT? Big surprise from a TV news anchor and Kidd O'Shea calls his Dad for some advice about the most simple thing in life.

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12:14 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 06-06-2011

Keep Secrets: What item have you bought and kept from your spouse? Milwaukee Gem: What spot in Milwaukee is the new HOT spot?
HOT ALERT: You'll never believe who Elizabeth Kay ran into over the weekend.

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20:01 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 05-31-2011

Do you have a secret word you use to let your partner know you want to head to the bedroom? Wait until you hear what some Mix Listeners are using! Also, we enter the Kidd & Elizabeth People's Court to find out if Elizabeth and Aaron's fight over the weekend was justified. Find out what had Elizabeth in tears.

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2:14 minutes Do people cheat more during the summer?

Surveys show that people cheat more in the summer than any other time of year. Is this true? Find out what one Mix listener says he did a few summers ago.

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1:59 minutes Must Visit: Bradford Beach

Find out what makes Bradford Beach a must visit this summer.

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