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20:09 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 05-12-2011

Relationship Chat: Can you sleepover at an ex's house and have NOTHING happen? PLUS, Idol Secrets: Who Makes The Most? And, New Obsessions: What Kept Elizabeth and her husband UP ALL NIGHT!

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3:03 minutes Spice Up Your Sex Life

One easy tip could change it all...

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4:01 minutes When do you talk with your kids about sex?

Is their a right time...listen to how Kidd's Grandman used to talk to him about those things.

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2:44 minutes Study: What would you give up to lose 10 lbs?

A new study was released saying that over 50% of women would give up this to lose 10 lbs. Can you guess what it is?

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2:17 minutes Does your man fake it in bed?

A recent study shows that 36% of men are faking it in bed. Is this happening to you?

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3:52 minutes Looking for something new to read?

Elizabeth has some advice on how to spice things up in your bedroom.

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3:09 minutes How do you talk about sex?

Elizabeth and Kidd have come up with a new way to talk about sex on the radio. (Aired 09/02/09)

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3:55 minutes What should I do if I find my husband's "adult" movies?

Do you tell him, or just pretend you never saw it? (Aired 08/14/09)

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2:33 minutes Should you schedule time with your partner?

Would you ever schedule intimate time with your partner? Find out who it is working for.

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3:07 minutes The 4 guys you need....

Are you single? Here is the list of the 4 guys every single lady needs in her life. Do you have them all?

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