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4:42 minutes What Happened To Elizabeth In The Bedroom?

Has this happened to you and your husband?

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5:12 minutes How Many Times a Week?

What is the perfect number for you? Wait until you hear how many times a week one couple is doing it.

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4:24 minutes Embarrassing In-Law Moments

You'll never believe what happened to one listener.

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5:12 minutes Have you ever naked talked?

This is a new relationship trend...would it work for you?

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4:45 minutes How much do you get?

What is the average amount of "you know what" a guy should be getting each week?

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2:12 minutes Would You Do This?

If it meant you could have a happy marriage?

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3:02 minutes K&E Confessions: Bedroom Injuries

Have you have been injured in the bedroom...can it top what happened to one mix listener?

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1:33 minutes CELEBRITY CONFESSIONS: Is "IT" Better When You're Pregnant?

Jessica Simpson says YES and so does one mix listener. Find out how many times a day she was doing it when she was pregnant.

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4:52 minutes The last time I "Did it" was ___________.

You'll never believe how long it has been for one mix listener who called in this morning during Kidd & Elizabeth confessions.

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3:07 minutes What are men doing wrong in the bedroom?

A new study says women would rather do this_______ than spend time with their man in the bedroom. What is it?

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