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4:50 minutes Honeymoon Issues

What was the worst thing that happened to you on your honeymoon? Find out what two Milwaukee area listeners went through on their respective honeymoons.

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3:23 minutes Dumped on national TV?

It was yet another dramatic night on The Bachelorette. Find out who dumped Ali on national television, and why he chose to do so.

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4:02 minutes Emotional Cheating

Should having an emotional affair with someone be considered cheating? Find out why one Mix listener thinks it should be, and how it profoundly affected her marriage.

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2:23 minutes Dry spell after moving in together?

Is it normal for a couple to sleep together only once in six months after moving in together? Find out what happened with one Mix listener when she found herself in this very situation.

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6:26 minutes What do you do when your relationship has lost its sizzle?

Should you work at it, or simply move on? Find out what some Milwaukee listeners have to say.

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6:23 minutes SWINGERS 101

We learned a lot about "Swingers" today...if you don't know what a swinger is, then you need to listen to this...you might want to become one!

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5:30 minutes When should he say it back?

Is it OK if you're boyfriend doesn't say "I love you" back to you.

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4:39 minutes Is he over her?

Facebook friend wrote into the show and needs your advice....can you help?

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5:37 minutes Was my gay ex-boyfriend ever into me?

(Aired 08/12/09) Dan chimes in about what it was like being gay and dating girls.

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2:33 minutes Should you schedule time with your partner?

Would you ever schedule intimate time with your partner? Find out who it is working for.

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