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5:38 minutes Relationship Intervention

What happens when a son confronts his mom LIVE on the radio about interfering with his dating life? Find out in this Relationship Intervention

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5:34 minutes Should You Date an Old Fling?

A mix listener is a REAL dilemma, what would you tell her to do?

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3:19 minutes What would you change about your spouse?

If you could, would you change or eliminate something your spouse does?

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3:50 minutes Secret Spots to Meet Men

What surprising place have you met single men? Find out where a couple of Mix listeners have.

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2:54 minutes Searching Your Significant Other's Web History

A Mix listener recently searched her boyfriend's internet history on their computer, and found something that made her a little uncomfortable. Find out what she found, and what one local listener thinks she should do.

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5:05 minutes Telling Your Family About an Interracial Relationship

If you are dating someone of different race, do you really need to give your family a heads up before they meet him or her? Find out what happened when a friend of Elizabeth didn't do this, and what Mix listeners think she should have done.

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3:45 minutes Kiss and Tell?

What do you do if you kiss your friend's boyfriend or girlfriend? Should you tell them, or keep it a secret? Find out what happened to two Mix listeners after this very thing happened.

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2:21 minutes What Not to Say to a Woman in Bed

He said WHAT?! Find out what topped the list of the 20 things never to say to a woman in bed, and what unfortunate things some Mix listeners have had said to them in bed.

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2:50 minutes Would you let your significant other go to a strip club?

Zac Efron recently went to a strip club after getting permission from girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Would you let your boyfriend or husband do so? Find out what two Mix listeners would do.

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4:17 minutes What do you do if your spouse does drugs?

Reese Witherspoon recently broke up with Jake Gyllenhaal because he smokes pot. What would you do if you found yourself in that situation? Find out what two Mix listeners did when faced with that very scenario.

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