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2:10 minutes PACKERS: Rodgers OUT?

Are the Packers keeping a secret about Aaron Rodgers that may keep him from playing in the Dallas?

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4:43 minutes PACKERS: Latest Packers News

What is the team saying and why are some people concerned with what Aaron Rodgers has been doing...click play to find out

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2:05 minutes PACKERS: Pack Attack

Find out what a Pack Attack is and who got one put on them

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2:10 minutes PACKERS: What happens when a Bears fan calls the show?

Some Bears fans are not happy with all the "Bears" bashing...find out what he had to say when he called Kidd and Elizabeth

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2:57 minutes PACKERS: Could you live with a Bears Fan?

Meet one couple that is dealing with this issue right now and find out what they have planned for Sunday's game.

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4:14 minutes Deanna Favre Speaks

What did she have to say about the recent news of Brett? Listen to the audio here.

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1:06 minutes Blame Kidd

If you're wondering why the Packers lost on Sunday...It may be Kidd's fault

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2:18 minutes How do you handle embarrassing moments?

On Saturday Kidd made a fool of himself and showed how much of a sports fan he isn’t. Hear what he said at Lambeau Field that made his feel so embarrassed

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2:35 minutes Trouble in the frozen tundra.

Hear what has the Packers in trouble.

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3:08 minutes Who will you cheer for this weekend?

The great football debate continues and are Tony and Elizabeth a little Brett Favre crazy?

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