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2:06 minutes Kidd Actually LIKES Football

What took him so long and why is Elizabeth planning a trip to Green Bay for him?

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2:42 minutes How Well Do You Know Your Pack?

Can you get more correct answers than Kidd O'Shea in Packers Trivia?

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2:41 minutes Packer Fans Should Be Proud

Find out why in today's Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast

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1:20 minutes Are The Packers in Trouble?

Sports Expert Mike Wickett joined us this morning to chat about "The Sports Illustrated Curse" is it real?

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14:35 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 09-23-2011

Kidd & Elizabeth ON Demand

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12:43 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 03-22-2011

You'll never believe what Green Bay Packer is related to. Plus, Kidd was the "Theater Kid" growing up and his brother was the "Sports Kid", so who is doing better in the NCAA bracket? Plus, where has Charlie Sheen been? We found him, find out where he has been hiding.

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15:57 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 02-16-2011

Do men who drive pick-up trucks cheat more than those that don't? What BIG changes are the packers making? And, what did you promise you would never do as a parent, that you're now doing?

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46:08 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 02-08-2011

What would it be like to watch the Super Bowl with President Obama? We talked to Mayor Tom Barrett about it today. Also, Aaron Rodgers HOT or NOT? Did the Super Bowl win make him hotter? And, have you heard about "Trap a Crap?" Kidd & Elizabeth review this new product.

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32:13 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 02-07-2011

WE ARE CHAMPS! What commercial was your favorite? Who did you call first after the win? Plus, LIVE reports from Dallas!

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51:49 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 02-04-2011

Live Reports from Dallas...are the TV reporters having a good time? What did the Black Eyed Peas have to say about the Packers? Plus, Why "Super Bowl Sunday?" would "Super Bowl Saturday work?"

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