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19:15 minutes Waking Up A Bears Fan

How will Jojo react the morning after a big Bears loss when she gets a call from Packer Fans Kidd & Elizabeth?

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4:06 minutes Packers & Bears Fan Unite

Yes, this really did happen today. Was history made?

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3:52 minutes Dear Mr Goodell...

What do you want tell Roger Goodell of the NFL?

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3:40 minutes Prank Calling JOJO: The Bears Still SUCK

What happens when you wake a sleeping Bears fan up the morning after a Packers Victory?

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2:53 minutes SPORTS: NFL History

What will happen during tomorrow's Packer game that will make NFL History?

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2:24 minutes SPORTS: Are The Packers In Trouble

Mike Wickett Fills us in...

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1:12 minutes PACKERS: Fans Vote AGAINST Rodgers

Why did so many Green Bay Packers fans vote against Aaron Rodgers?

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2:19 minutes PACKERS: Fans Upset

Why are some Packer Fans upset about this years schedule?

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2:29 minutes SPORTS: Aaron Rodgers Makes News

People are talking about a recent tweet from Aaron Rodgers. What do you think about it?

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1:31 minutes DANCING: Is Donald Safe

Who does Donald Driver need to worry about on Dancing with the Stars?

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