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4:55 minutes Guys Who Write Love Letters

Do they really exist or is it just in the movies? We meet real Milwaukee men who write love letters.

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2:28 minutes Kidd's Self Breast Exam

Part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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4:45 minutes How much do you get?

What is the average amount of "you know what" a guy should be getting each week?

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2:18 minutes The Underwear Test PART 2

What is your man wearing?

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0:50 minutes The Underwear Test PART 1

You can tell a lot from the kind of underwear your man wears...do you agree?

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3:50 minutes Secret Spots to Meet Men

What surprising place have you met single men? Find out where a couple of Mix listeners have.

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2:17 minutes Does your man fake it in bed?

A recent study shows that 36% of men are faking it in bed. Is this happening to you?

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2:16 minutes How do men act when they're sick?

Just what is the "man flu"? Find out what one Mix listener says her husband does when he is ill.

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