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4:55 minutes Guys Who Write Love Letters

Do they really exist or is it just in the movies? We meet real Milwaukee men who write love letters.

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3:20 minutes Will He Run If I Tell Him "I Love You" ?

Listen to what one listener is going through right now in her relationship and why she is worried to tell her man "I Love You"

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3:23 minutes Can you say "I Love You" after 1 Month?

Wait until you hear why some listeners say YES!

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4:57 minutes Do you know if you are really in love?

There is a new procedure that can scan your brain and tell if you are in love. Would you want to know if you were not in love and what would you do with that information?

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2:31 minutes How do you show you love to you spouse?

A weird new trend is starting for guys to wear a “man”gagement ring. How would you feel if your man did this?

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5:30 minutes When should he say it back?

Is it OK if you're boyfriend doesn't say "I love you" back to you.

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