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2:29 minutes Kidd needs a new wardrobe!

Kidd was going through his closet and realized that he needs some new threads. Find out what clothes Kidd feels he needs to buy.

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1:41 minutes Bad Vacation Experiences

Have you ever had something go wrong while on vacation? Find out what happened to Kidd during his vacation, and how one Mix listener can top his story.

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3:24 minutes Question: When are you actually Jaywalking?

Ever wondered what is really considered jaywalking, well so did Kidd. Hear what happened to some callers when they crossed the street.

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2:26 minutes Finally one of Kidds crazy theories comes true.

With all the outrageous conspiracy theories that Kidd has one was bound to come true. Find out which one it is.

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1:49 minutes Does Corey Hart grab his package too much?

Most Brewers have some rituals while batting, but one is just over the top and is more entertaining than the game…find out what’s up with Corey Hart.

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2:41 minutes Running of the Kidd.

Now that Kidd has become a runner, find out what he has decided to do, and where you can see him doing it.

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1:11 minutes Kidd's Big Break?

Kidd thought he was going to get his big break this past weekend thanks to a well-known celebrity. Find out what who was involved and why it didn't quite work out.

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2:04 minutes Too Old?

Find out what made Kidd feel REALLY old.

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2:18 minutes What do your friends force you to spend money on?

Hear what new technology Kidd's friends are making him get.

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1:23 minutes Are professional sports fixed?

Hear what conspiracy theory Kidd has come up with now.

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