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1:56 minutes Dr. Erin talks about BPA levels in foods

Dr. Erin, Kidd and Elizabeth talk about the harms of too much BPA in your bottles and food.

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4:41 minutes Women planning their fiance's bachelor parties!

Kidd and Elizabeth discussing with listeners why some women plan their finance's bachelor parties.

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2:01 minutes Aaron at the Dentist

Elizabeth describes Aaron's trip to the dentist and what can result from great teeth cleaning.

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2:04 minutes Why Women Pretend

Why women fake EVERYTHING!

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2:52 minutes Wisconsin Woman Calls 911 on Herself

Woman driving drunk reports herself to 911 and Kidd and Elizabeth talked to a man the knows why she did it.

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2:03 minutes Whad BIG mistake did Oprah make?

Find out why Oprah is to blame for bad fashion in the world.

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2:31 minutes Can men catch PMS?

Dr Erin says, YES! Find out how now.

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1:40 minutes Why can't our parents use the web?

Listen to the BIG problem one mix listeners mom made.

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4:42 minutes Is it weird if a guy asks to kiss you?

It might mean more than you think.

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1:54 minutes What Halloween means to Elizabeth's Niece...

What did one student wear to school that had her 8 year old niece VERY upset?

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