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4:30 minutes Mishaps and Freak Accidents Before Wedding

Have you ever had a freak accident before a wedding? Listen to these stories of things that went wrong just before the ceremony.

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3:46 minutes Why Men Dislike Implants

Callers weigh in on why implants are never as good as the real deal.

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3:12 minutes Die Hard Packer Fans

Kidd and Elizabeth discuss why some Packer fans never lose faith in their team.

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6:25 minutes Dr Oz LIVE with K & E

What award did Kidd present Dr Oz with when he called in?

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3:45 minutes How do you get your husband stop playing video games?

Some listeners have some advice for Elizabeth's husband.

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3:38 minutes Would you be ok with an "Open Marriage"

One woman says this is the NEW trend.

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3:39 minutes I am a cheater and my wife knows...

How would you react if your husband told you he had a girlfriend?

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7:10 minutes New Facebook Sensoring

Kidd and Elizabeth discuss the new rules regarding Facebook pictures.

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6:50 minutes Annoyed by Sales People?

Have you ever been annoyed by the constant attention from sales attendants while shopping? Kidd and Elizabeth look for ideas on how to avoid them.

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3:07 minutes Christmas Music on the Mix!?!

Kidd and Elizabeth talk about Channel 12's segment during the nightly news which went into detail about Christmas music being played on 99.1 WMYX.

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