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1:42 minutes Widows Weekend

What really happens when the men go hunting for the weekend?

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4:38 minutes Do NOT Leave your Dog Home Alone with...

Kidd and Elizabeth talk to listeners about what they can't leave their dogs alone with and how they learned it.

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2:31 minutes Kidd and Elizabeth Daily Dose 11/19/2009

Does your man HAVE to know how to dance? New study say that most women think so. Do you?

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4:50 minutes Kidd and Elizabeth Daily Dose 11/18/2009

What does mom mean when she says "I don't want anything for Christmas?" and How many times have you seen a "not so good" movie, just because you loved the book so much? It's all in the DAILY DOSE!

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4:12 minutes Dr. Erin talks about Mammograms

Why are mammograms so important? Find out with as Kidd and Elizabeth talk with Dr. Erin.

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2:46 minutes Why is Wisconsin Rated so high in Healthy States?

Wisconsin is rated the #12 healthiest state. Kidd and Elizabeth ask viewers why we are rated so high.

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5:32 minutes Twlight and Other Movies that you Must See!

Callers discuss movies that you have to see multiple times, that may not be that good.

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4:09 minutes What do moms really mean?

Kidd and Elizabeth discuss what hosts of events really mean when they say "You don't need to bring anything, just bring yourselves!". Does that mean bring something or not?

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4:52 minutes Kidd and Elizabeth Daily Dose 11/17/09

What happens when you THINK you're having a BOY but it turns out you're having a GIRL? It seems like this happens to A LOT of people.

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11:18 minutes Kidd and Elizabeth DAILY DOSE 11/16/09

If you're not ready for the Christmas music yet, but you still want to know what we are talking about on the morning show, you can listen to the Daily Dose everyday right here!

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