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2:27 minutes What does Kidd have in common with all ESPN Commentators?

Kidd realizes he has something in common with all ESPN announcers.

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2:07 minutes Christmas with Kathy Mykleby

Kidd and Elizabeth talk with WISN's Kathy Mykleby about her first Christmas out of college.

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2:51 minutes Top Ten Questions with Katrina Cravy

Kidd and Elizabeth talk to Katrina Cravy about the top ten most asked questions of the year.

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2:53 minutes Tiger Woods Update and Similar Stories

Kidd and Elizabeth talk about Tiger Woods and a listener shares her similar story.

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2:19 minutes Is it ok to bring your baby to the movies?

You'll never believe what happened to Elizabeth when she went to see Twilight. What would you have done?

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1:50 minutes Want to help John Mellencamp quit smoking?

Here is a unique way to try and quit the habit. Do you think it will work?

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1:30 minutes Where do you find a GOOD bad sweater?

Tony is going to a party this weekend and needs a little advice. Can you help?

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4:00 minutes How do you tell your BF he has to buy you presents?

You don't want him to be embarrassed, do you?

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2:08 minutes Have you ever been forced to tell a lie?

Would you have done what Kidd did?

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2:40 minutes What was Your Name Again?

Kidd and Eliabeth talk to viewers in an attempt to figure out what a good strategy is for figuring out the name of someone who remembers your name, but you have forgotten theirs.

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