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2:34 minutes Is Milwaukee a Good Tourist Spot?

Kidd and Elizabeth discuss an airline executive's comments about Milwaukee. He claims our city is not a good destination city. Is he right?

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4:03 minutes Kidd and Elizabeth Talk to Relationship Expert Kim Iverson

Kim Iverson talks to Kidd and Elizabeth on the Morning Show about what her nationally syndicated show is all about! Also, what should you do when your husband becomes good friends with your ex?

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3:38 minutes School Kids Make Up Lots of Stories

Kidd chaperoned his nephew Liam's class field trip and realized how often kids try to one-up each other's stories.

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1:48 minutes Kidd's a Cool Uncle

Kidd chaperoned his nephew Liam's field trip and Liam wanted to sit next to Kidd on the bus! Kids never want to sit next to adults on the bus.

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2:03 minutes Gifts with Hidden Message?

Kidd and Elizabeth talk about gifts that may have hidden (or maybe not so hidden) message.

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3:16 minutes How Long Should You Wait Inbetween Kids?

Kidd and Elizabeth discuss how much time you should wait inbetween having kids?

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0:57 minutes Would you trust your kids with Kidd?

Kidd has been asked to help out with a field trip for his nephews school.

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1:45 minutes Can you charge people for Christmas cookies?

It seems to be a holiday tradition in Elizabeth's family. Find out what her mom makes all the kids do when they come over to bake cookies.

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1:50 minutes Is it too soon to ask her?

Mix listener has only been dating his girlfriend for 6 months and wants to pop the question...is it too soon?

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5:58 minutes What have you hidden in your house while having company over?

Kidd and Elizabeth talk about Elizabeth's weekend and what she had to hide from her parents and in-laws.

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