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4:46 minutes QUESTION: Do you stay with a cheating husband?

A mix listener found out that her husband cheated on her a month after they got married. Hear what Mix listeners feel she should do.

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2:22 minutes Do your friends act differently after they have kids?

Has one of your friends ever behaved differently after having a baby? Find out what Elizabeth's friend did at the Twilight: Eclipse sneak peek.

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1:33 minutes Kidd and Elizabeth do Twilight

Listen to Kidd and Elizabeth's rendition of a scene from Twilight: Eclipse.

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4:40 minutes What does your voice say about you?

Kidd thinks that he can deduce details of Mix listeners based on their voices. Find out if he really can.

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2:25 minutes Children wanting to be the other gender?

Has one of your kids ever acted like they want to be the opposite gender? Find out what one Mix listener says her kids did and how she dealt with it.

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3:25 minutes Do you order kids meals for yourself?

Should adults be allowed to opt for a kids meal at a restaurant, and have you ever done so? Find out what one local listener had to say on the matter.

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2:14 minutes Do people cheat more during the summer?

Surveys show that people cheat more in the summer than any other time of year. Is this true? Find out what one Mix listener says he did a few summers ago.

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1:56 minutes Poor Huey

Elizabeth is worried because her dog Huey is having a procedure done. Find out what procedure and why he's having it.

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1:01 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth star in "Eclipse"

Kidd and Elizabeth are BIG Hollywood actors now, listen to their scene from the new movie.

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3:25 minutes Question: Would you dump a guy for being a smoker?

A Mix listener emailed the show after finding a pack of cigarettes in her boyfriends pocket. What would you do? Find out what advice some mix listeners had for her.

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