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3:34 minutes How do I tell my husband he can't change his job

Rebecca wants to know how to tell her husband he can't become a massage therapist. (Aired 08/25/09)

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2:24 minutes How do I tell my husband I don't want him in my bed?

Carrie wants to know how to tell her husband he needs to sleep on the couch. (Aired 08/24/09)

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3:40 minutes What is more shocking than Brett Favre becoming a Viking?

We found it, do you agree? (Aired 08/19/09)

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2:10 minutes Classy or Trashy: The Dollar Dance

Planning a wedding? Is it classy or trashy to do the dollar dance? (Aired 08/10/09)

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2:31 minutes Should Wisconsin have sex laws?

What would you make law? Find out what some people think should already be set in stone.

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