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1:45 minutes Exclusive: Ryan Seacrest

With American Idol auditions in town Kidd and Elizabeth got a chance to talk with Ryan. Wait till you hear what Ryan has to say about Kidd.

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2:53 minutes Modeling camp for kids?

Modeling camps for little girls are popping up all over the country. Would you send your child to modeling camp? Find out what one Mix listener would do.

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2:21 minutes Movie Stars in Milwaukee

Transformers 3 is filming in Milwaukee, and some Hollywood stars are in town. Find out who Diane Pathieu of TODAY'S TMJ4 ran into this morning!

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2:53 minutes Embarrassing Text Messages

Have you ever received an embarrassing and unexpected text from someone? Find out what message Kidd was sent over the weekend and what unintended texts one local listener accidentally sent her husband.

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2:23 minutes Dry spell after moving in together?

Is it normal for a couple to sleep together only once in six months after moving in together? Find out what happened with one Mix listener when she found herself in this very situation.

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2:20 minutes Bridezillas back again.

A recent survey says that 1/3 of all brides have a bigger bridesmaid just so she will look smaller on her special day. Have you been the bridesmaid that was just there to make the bride look better?

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3:00 minutes Have you ever caught your spouse in a lie?

How do you respond if you catch your spouse in a lie? Find out what Elizabeth did when faced with this very situation.

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2:34 minutes ADVICE: Should young kids be allowed at weddings?

What do you do if one of your wedding guests unexpectedly tells you they're bringing their small child the week of the wedding? Find out what one Mix listener has to say on the issue.

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3:13 minutes Lost Items After a Late Night

Have you ever lost an important item after a night out on the town? Find out what Kidd lost last weekend, and what valuable item a local listener misplaced.

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2:41 minutes Most embarrassing day EVER!

Find out what happened to Elizabeth that was the most EMBARRASSING thing ever when she was driving with Kidd and Aunt Flow. Has this ever happened to you?

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