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1:16 minutes The People's Court: Elizabeth vs Neighbor UPDATE

We have developments in the case of Elizabeth Kay vs The Neighbor Kid...you will be shocked at what Elizabeth did when she ran into the neighbor yesterday.

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23:28 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 06-08-2011

The Show!

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16:48 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth 01-26-2011 8a

American Idol audio of tonight auditions in Milwaukee and the show almost ends 30 minuets early. Find out why now.

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19:43 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth 7a 1-26-2011

Packers, Crying Bears Fans, American Idol Preview, and Kidd O'Shea is mean. Listen now!

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2:56 minutes What do your shoes say about you?

Marie Claire magazine has an article out that analyzes your personality based on your shoe wardrobe. Find out what it has to say about one Mix listener who called in.

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5:05 minutes Telling Your Family About an Interracial Relationship

If you are dating someone of different race, do you really need to give your family a heads up before they meet him or her? Find out what happened when a friend of Elizabeth didn't do this, and what Mix listeners think she should have done.

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3:11 minutes Extreme Case of Road Rage

Wait until you hear about the incident that occurred on the road between two moms in separate cars! Find out what happened, and what one Mix listener's husband did that was very similar.

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2:28 minutes Lying to Your Co-Workers

Have you ever lied to your co-workers? Find out what Kidd's friend lied about at her going away party, and what major lie Elizabeth once told at work when she was sixteen.

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2:53 minutes Advice: Dating advice from the 1930’s

A website has found an article from the 1930’s with some dating advice. What do you think, are these tips still good for 2010?

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2:08 minutes Annoying things that friends do while on vacation.

Do you have friends who text and twitter too much while you are on vacation? Hear what Kidd thinks about this.

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