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3:54 minutes Follow Up: !7 Year Old Student Calls In

After receiving advice from Kidd O'Shea about coming out to his parents, Eric calls into the show to update us on his progress.

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5:46 minutes Kidd Shares His "Coming Out" Story

After receiving an email from a younger listener looking for advice on coming out to his parents, Kidd took us all back to November of 1998 when he told his parents he was gay.

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2:20 minutes Gay, Straight & Married

Is the single life better than married life?

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1:49 minutes Kidd & Anderson?

Are Kidd & Anderson Cooper the same person?

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3:33 minutes Kidd and his gas problem.

People do some weird things, well Kidd is no exception. There was a problem at his apartment the other day and Kidd didn’t think anything of it, but it could have killed him. Listen to the life or death mistake that Kidd almost made, and the weird situation that happened as well.

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3:04 minutes Elevator Etiquette

Should you let woman out of the elevator first? Kidd was in a weird situation where he had to deal with this. Listen to find out what he did, and what some listeners have to say.

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2:42 minutes Kidd's New Favorite Sport

Kidd was having lunch yesterday, and saw what is now his new favorite sport on TV! Find out which sport it is, and why one particular team was both impressive and shocking at the same time.

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2:18 minutes How do you handle embarrassing moments?

On Saturday Kidd made a fool of himself and showed how much of a sports fan he isn’t. Hear what he said at Lambeau Field that made his feel so embarrassed

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2:44 minutes How hard is it to text message?

Kidd’s mom tried to test message him the other day asking him a question, but Kidd could not understand what she was trying to say. Are there people that you know like this?

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2:17 minutes Should scooters only be used by the handicapped?

The State Fair is starting up soon, and Kidd has a rule about the use of motorized scooters. Find out what that rule is, and his reasoning behind it.

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