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2:16 minutes Hot Topics 11/18

Summerfest Changes...Wisconsin Man Makes National News...Marriage is OVER

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2:17 minutes Should kids get paid for shoveling?

HOT TOPIC ALERT: Should kids get paid for shoveling? Everyone except for one person things NO...find out why.

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2:19 minutes Is it ok to bring your baby to the movies?

You'll never believe what happened to Elizabeth when she went to see Twilight. What would you have done?

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1:30 minutes Where do you find a GOOD bad sweater?

Tony is going to a party this weekend and needs a little advice. Can you help?

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2:33 minutes How can you avoid getting sick around the holidays?

Dr. Erin from Pro Health Care has some helpful tips.

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3:45 minutes How do you get your husband stop playing video games?

Some listeners have some advice for Elizabeth's husband.

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3:38 minutes Would you be ok with an "Open Marriage"

One woman says this is the NEW trend.

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3:39 minutes I am a cheater and my wife knows...

How would you react if your husband told you he had a girlfriend?

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1:39 minutes When proposals go wrong...

Have you ever heard of a proposal gone wrong? Wait until you hear what one guy did when he asked his wife to marry him.

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6:50 minutes What is a Cougar?

We learned about what makes you a Cougar...is it true? (Aired 09/24/09)

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