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3:54 minutes Follow Up: !7 Year Old Student Calls In

After receiving advice from Kidd O'Shea about coming out to his parents, Eric calls into the show to update us on his progress.

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5:46 minutes Kidd Shares His "Coming Out" Story

After receiving an email from a younger listener looking for advice on coming out to his parents, Kidd took us all back to November of 1998 when he told his parents he was gay.

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3:55 minutes Great Debate: Do You Really Need To Get Married?

What side are you on? Find out what celebrity says "NO" to marriage.

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2:39 minutes Do You Know a Poodle?

What is your Honey Boo Boo Poodle's name?

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2:20 minutes Gay, Straight & Married

Is the single life better than married life?

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1:49 minutes Kidd & Anderson?

Are Kidd & Anderson Cooper the same person?

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2:20 minutes Glee Recap

What happened on Glee last night that caused one mix listener to call in and share his story about growing up gay?

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2:05 minutes Why is EVERYONE Wearing Purple Today?

It's not because they're Vikings Fans...find out why!

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5:37 minutes Was my gay ex-boyfriend ever into me?

(Aired 08/12/09) Dan chimes in about what it was like being gay and dating girls.

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3:07 minutes The 4 guys you need....

Are you single? Here is the list of the 4 guys every single lady needs in her life. Do you have them all?

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