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3:52 minutes FACEBOOK: Does This Annoy You?

What would you say is the most annoying thing on facebook? Would you download this new app to block it?

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1:29 minutes Jack's Apps: Instagram

Kidd's 9-year-old nephew brings fills us in on the app is he says every mom needs to have.

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4:32 minutes Advice: Do ultimatums actually work in relationships?

A facebook friend asked for some relationship advice and wanted to know if ultimatums actually work. Hear what some listeners have to say about it. Do you think that they work?

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6:16 minutes Secrets Facebook Confessions.

A recent study shows that about 30% of women have a fake Facebook page to keep tabs on people. Are you one of these women?

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4:20 minutes Is Facebook Dangerous?

New information is out about divorce and Facebook. 60% of lawyers are now using Facebook, match.com and other websites for information, have you ever had some information slip out that you didn’t want to?

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2:05 minutes Is it a Date or not?

A facebook friend needs help with a man. She's going to a concert with him, but is it a date or not?

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7:10 minutes New Facebook Sensoring

Kidd and Elizabeth discuss the new rules regarding Facebook pictures.

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4:27 minutes New Rules: What you CAN'T post of facebook...

Mix listeners have to put together a list of things that are no longer allowed on facebook. (Aired 09/14/09)

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2:04 minutes Facebook is ruining my relationship.

Mix listeners chime in about what to watch out for if your in a relationship and online. (Aired 08/28/09)

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