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3:38 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth talk to Kris Allen

Kris Allen comes to Milwaukee on Friday, June 4th at Turner Hall Ballroom; we caught up with him right before the "American Idol" finale to see how the show changed HIS life, and who HE thinks will take home the top spot tonight!

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2:06 minutes Is Elizabeth a Thief?

Elizabeth was caught doing something in the break room that has A LOT of people worried about her ethics.

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4:00 minutes How do you keep track of your photos?

With fewer people using film, where do all your photos go?

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2:29 minutes Weird Wisconsin News '09

What was the weirdest Wisconsin news of 2009?

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3:09 minutes How do you talk about sex?

Elizabeth and Kidd have come up with a new way to talk about sex on the radio. (Aired 09/02/09)

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2:46 minutes Kidd's 6 year old nephew goes Sopranos on him.

Why did Kidd get in trouble with his nephew? (Aired 09/02/09)

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2:44 minutes Are you rude?

Oprah has a new list of things that make people rude and Kidd and Elizabeth put it to the test. (Aired 09/01/09)

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2:32 minutes Danny Gokey: "Brett Favre is a target for the Packers"

Kidd and Elizabeth found out how Danny Gokey really feels about Brett Favre becoming a Viking.

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2:04 minutes Facebook is ruining my relationship.

Mix listeners chime in about what to watch out for if your in a relationship and online. (Aired 08/28/09)

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1:30 minutes Brett Favre on a Soap Opera?

Listen to what Brett sounded like during a recent appearance on a hit soap opera. (Aired 08/19/09)

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