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2:46 minutes In-Law Issues

Have your in-laws ever done something incredibly annoying or frustrating? Find out what happened to Elizabeth's friend last weekend and what unbelievable thing one Mix listener's in-laws did.

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2:28 minutes ADVICE: Why you should spend the extra money when fixing your house.

Find out what issue Elizabeth is having with painting her house.

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2:07 minutes Do you talk during sex?

Find out what Elizabeth said to her husband the other night?

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2:39 minutes How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Find out why Elizabeth was almost late for the show this morning, do you have the same problem?

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2:46 minutes Is this fair?

Find out what happened to Elizabeth when shopping for new materials for her house.

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2:22 minutes Do you have a hard time waking up to an alarm?

Hear about the trouble Elizabeth has with hers.

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2:45 minutes How long should you keep clothing?

Hear why Elizabeth needs to slim down her wardrobe.

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1:39 minutes Blue Jeans

Hear about the problem Elizabeth had with her jeans.

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2:13 minutes Is Elizabeth pregnant?

Elizabeth has been acting a little strangely this morning...could it be because she's pregnant? Find out the results of Elizabeth's pregnancy test.

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2:28 minutes Elizabeth Sleepwalking

Find out what happened when Elizabeth was recently caught sleepwalking by her husband.

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