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1:25 minutes Who doesn’t love back to school?

With Aaron going back to school Elizabeth feels like she is going back to school as well; a changing schedule, getting up at different times and a grumpy school kid.

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2:14 minutes The best way to a man’s heart . . . food.

Finally Elizabeth has agreed with Kidd on the fact that men are simple. That the best was to make your man happy is to make him dinner.

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2:30 minutes What Happens When You're not Around?

Have you ever wondered what your significant other does or thinks when you're not around? Find out what happened while Elizabeth and her husband were shopping at the mall, and how she handled it.

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2:39 minutes School Supply Disaster

It's back to school time, and Elizabeth's husband is going to paramedic school, so he went out to get supplies. However, he didn't come back from the store with school supplies. Find out what he bought instead.

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2:15 minutes How quick do you pass judgment on people?

Elizabeth was driving with her mom and saw something on a woman’s car that made her pass judgment on her right away. Wait till you hear how wrong they were.

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2:19 minutes Have you ever caught your spouse flirting with someone else?

Elizabeth recently caught her husband flirting with another woman during his soccer game. Find out how she reacted upon realizing what was going on.

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2:12 minutes Coming Home After a Late Night

Elizabeth's husband came home late on Monday night when she was trying to sleep. Find out what happened when he accidentally woke her up.

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2:55 minutes Duplex Drama

The duplex remodel continues for Elizabeth and her husband, and some drama unfolded yesterday. Find out what happened when Elizabeth was caught sleeping on the job.

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2:20 minutes What do you do if you choose the wrong paint color?

With the duplex almost done Elizabeth has finally painted her house and doesn’t care for the color anymore. Has this happened to you before?

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