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4:04 minutes Lose My Number

Have you ever told a guy to "lose your number" ?

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4:11 minutes Have you been set up on date?

Did it work?

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4:00 minutes Are there really "Cougars" anymore?

A recent study was published saying that there is, in fact, no trend of women wanting to date younger men. Is this true, or do "Cougars" still exist? Find out what two Mix listeners have to say from experience.

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3:56 minutes Advice: Long distance relationships.

A Facebook friend asked for some help with her long distance relationship. Listen to what advice some callers have for her.

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4:02 minutes Study: Dating gay men

A recent study has shown that women who have dated a gay man once are more likely to do it again. Have you ever dated a gay man before how about twice?

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4:20 minutes Would you go on a friendship date with a co-worker that you have a crush on?

A Facebook friend asked Kidd and Elizabeth what to do. She is in a long distance relationship for 3 years and started a new job and has a crush on a co-worker. Hear what advice some listeners have for her.

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3:48 minutes Question: When is it ok to step in and help your kids dating problem?

Some parents take it too far with dating advice. Hear how far one mom goes to help her son find a date. Is your mother like this?

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6:02 minutes Weird Dating Experiences

Have you ever had a bizarre dating experience? Find out what happened to two Mix listeners on their respective dates.

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5:37 minutes Was my gay ex-boyfriend ever into me?

(Aired 08/12/09) Dan chimes in about what it was like being gay and dating girls.

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4:58 minutes Who gets the ring?

He cheated on you, so you called off the engagement...now who gets the ring?

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