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21:39 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 03-09-2011

Is the next American Idol a jazz singer? Plus, what did your parents lie to about when it came to "the birds and bees?" And, what is the most expensive thing your child has ever broken and can it top what happened to one Hollywood A-Lister?

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12:30 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 03-08-2011

Did you know your when your man was going to pop the question? A new survey may surprise you about what married women had to say. Plus, Fat Tuesday 101, what is the celebration all about? And, Who is giving advice to Charlie Sheen, will it help? Find out in the Showbiz Buzz.

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13:33 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 03-03-2011

If you're a 10 and he is a 3 your relationship may be in trouble. Plus, if you drop food on the floor, is the 5 second rule safe to follow? And, The Showbiz buzz updates us on Charlie Sheen, Christina and Jessica Simpson may be getting a new job.

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14:31 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 03-02-2011

Hear what Charlie Sheen told the Today Show in a surprise interview. Plus, why did Kidd have a BIG problem with last nights 20/20 Interview? And, Fake Eyelashes...is this a new trend?

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17:25 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 03-01-2011

What was found in Charlie Sheen's house when reporters showed up? Plus, text messages sent to the wrong person, how do you respond and can it top what happened to Kidd O'Shea?

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