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2:29 minutes SPORTS: Aaron Rodgers Makes News

People are talking about a recent tweet from Aaron Rodgers. What do you think about it?

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1:47 minutes BREWERS: Mike vs Kidd

Why was Mike shocked at something Kidd did during the Brewers game?

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1:59 minutes BREWERS: Braun On The Road

What happened to Ryan Braun when he took the field in Chicago yesterday?

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1:44 minutes The Worlds Biggest Brewers Fan

No Really...you can't top what he did to prove his love for The Brewers.

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2:32 minutes Talking Sports with Mike Wickett

What shocked Mike about Kidd O'Shea's viewing of the Brewers game?

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19:43 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 09-29-2011

Kidd & Elizabeth ON DEMAND you can listen ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!

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15:37 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 07-21-2011

What can you do for 10 seconds a day to improve your marriage? Plus, the Milwaukee Brewers are getting national attention, find out why and what it means for Milwaukee fans.

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2:17 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Podcast 07-06-2011

What is REALLY going on with the Brewers? It may not be what you think.

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21:02 minutes Kidd & Elizabeth Show 05-25-2011

Live from Hollywood at the American Idol Finale. What happened AFTER the show that EVERYONE is talking about? Plus, Oprah is getting ready to wrap up her show, we may know how it will all end. And, Brewers Backlash...find out what happened to want local woman that has her in BIG trouble with Bernie Brewer.

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1:49 minutes Does Corey Hart grab his package too much?

Most Brewers have some rituals while batting, but one is just over the top and is more entertaining than the game…find out what’s up with Corey Hart.

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