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4:46 minutes QUESTION: Do you stay with a cheating husband?

A mix listener found out that her husband cheated on her a month after they got married. Hear what Mix listeners feel she should do.

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5:30 minutes ADVICE: When is the right time to tell a secret to your kids?

A listener’s email said that he just found out about his grandpa not being his real grandpa after doing a project for school. Are there some big family secrets that you are keeping from your kids?

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1:59 minutes Advice: When do you get your dog fixed?

Hear what problem Elizabeth is having with her dog.

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3:53 minutes Advice: Would you let your ex move in?

Hear what some Mix listeners would do.

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6:26 minutes What do you do when your relationship has lost its sizzle?

Should you work at it, or simply move on? Find out what some Milwaukee listeners have to say.

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2:19 minutes Can you help?

Kidd's friend Theresa is wondering if it's OK to invite herself to her step-son's frist day of K-5. (Aired 08/26/09)

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3:34 minutes How do I tell my husband he can't change his job

Rebecca wants to know how to tell her husband he can't become a massage therapist. (Aired 08/25/09)

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