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4:10 minutes Acting Surprised During a Wedding Proposal

If you knew your man was going to propose to you, would you tell him ahead of time or act surprised? Learn what two local listeners would do.

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5:06 minutes Friends with an ex?

Would you be cool with your spouse having a friendship with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? Find out what two Milwaukee-area listeners think about the issue.

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3:48 minutes Wedding Shower for Second Marriage

Is it really okay to have a shower for your second wedding? Find out what one Mix listener has to say from experience.

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3:24 minutes Going on Craigslist for a Wedding Date

Is it cool to go on Craigslist and post an ad for a date to a wedding? One Mix listener is thinking about doing this, and wanted some advice. Find out what another local listener thinks she should do.

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4:18 minutes Separate Bank Accounts in a Marriage

One Mix listener is getting married in six months, and is thinking about keeping separate bank accounts after they're married. Is this a good idea? Find out what two local listeners think.

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2:54 minutes Searching Your Significant Other's Web History

A Mix listener recently searched her boyfriend's internet history on their computer, and found something that made her a little uncomfortable. Find out what she found, and what one local listener thinks she should do.

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3:21 minutes Question: Do you call a weeding off one week before?

A Mix listener emailed the show and asked for some help. She was out with some friends and got a little drunk and kissed an old friend and really liked it. Hear what one caller has to say about the situation.

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3:04 minutes Elevator Etiquette

Should you let woman out of the elevator first? Kidd was in a weird situation where he had to deal with this. Listen to find out what he did, and what some listeners have to say.

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3:45 minutes Kiss and Tell?

What do you do if you kiss your friend's boyfriend or girlfriend? Should you tell them, or keep it a secret? Find out what happened to two Mix listeners after this very thing happened.

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2:21 minutes What Not to Say to a Woman in Bed

He said WHAT?! Find out what topped the list of the 20 things never to say to a woman in bed, and what unfortunate things some Mix listeners have had said to them in bed.

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