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3:55 minutes Great Debate: Do You Really Need To Get Married?

What side are you on? Find out what celebrity says "NO" to marriage.

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4:04 minutes Lose My Number

Have you ever told a guy to "lose your number" ?

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3:20 minutes Will He Run If I Tell Him "I Love You" ?

Listen to what one listener is going through right now in her relationship and why she is worried to tell her man "I Love You"

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3:23 minutes Can you say "I Love You" after 1 Month?

Wait until you hear why some listeners say YES!

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4:11 minutes Have you been set up on date?

Did it work?

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3:45 minutes Wedding Drama: What Would You Do?

Do you think Robert has a case here?

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2:22 minutes BABIES: Question For Mom

Kidd has a quick question for all the moms who listen to the show. Can you help him?

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5:34 minutes Should You Date an Old Fling?

A mix listener is a REAL dilemma, what would you tell her to do?

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3:19 minutes What would you change about your spouse?

If you could, would you change or eliminate something your spouse does?

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3:05 minutes Addicted to Texting

Do you know someone who can't stop texting no matter where they're at? Listen to find out what one Mix listener did when she had to deal with a "text addict."

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