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3:45 minutes Wedding Drama: What Would You Do?

Do you think Robert has a case here?

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3:48 minutes Wedding Shower for Second Marriage

Is it really okay to have a shower for your second wedding? Find out what one Mix listener has to say from experience.

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3:21 minutes Question: Do you call a weeding off one week before?

A Mix listener emailed the show and asked for some help. She was out with some friends and got a little drunk and kissed an old friend and really liked it. Hear what one caller has to say about the situation.

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2:34 minutes ADVICE: Should young kids be allowed at weddings?

What do you do if one of your wedding guests unexpectedly tells you they're bringing their small child the week of the wedding? Find out what one Mix listener has to say on the issue.

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5:33 minutes STUDY: Why are couples waiting longer to get married?

A new study says that younger adults are waiting longer, but wait until you find out why one listener got married at 20.

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4:30 minutes Mishaps and Freak Accidents Before Wedding

Have you ever had a freak accident before a wedding? Listen to these stories of things that went wrong just before the ceremony.

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