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3:43 minutes How Do You Avoid a Holiday Fight?

Kidd & Elizabeth have a new list of the ways you can avoid fights at this years family parties. Find out the #1 way to avoid a fight.

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1:58 minutes K&E Confessions: Big Buys

30% of couples admit to lying about what they spend money on. Can your story top one mix listeners?

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4:00 minutes Are there really "Cougars" anymore?

A recent study was published saying that there is, in fact, no trend of women wanting to date younger men. Is this true, or do "Cougars" still exist? Find out what two Mix listeners have to say from experience.

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2:20 minutes Where do you like to get kissed?

Fox News has published a study of women favorite places to get kissed. Hear where the best place to get kissed; is it the same as what you like?

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4:02 minutes Study: Dating gay men

A recent study has shown that women who have dated a gay man once are more likely to do it again. Have you ever dated a gay man before how about twice?

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2:44 minutes What makes men want to cheat?

A recent study from Cornell says what the biggest reason for men to cheat on their wife, can you guess what it is?

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2:44 minutes Study: What would you give up to lose 10 lbs?

A new study was released saying that over 50% of women would give up this to lose 10 lbs. Can you guess what it is?

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2:10 minutes What is just a catchy as the common cold?

A new study shows that more and more people are getting divorced and if you know someone who’s going thought it you could be affected to. Do you have a friend that is going through a divorce . . . be careful you could catch it.

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3:32 minutes STUDY: People are getting married in the strangest places.

A new study says that people are getting married at places like Home Depot, Taco Bell, and Cold Stone for one reason or another. How about where you meet, do you think you could top some of the places?

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