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5:38 minutes Relationship Intervention

What happens when a son confronts his mom LIVE on the radio about interfering with his dating life? Find out in this Relationship Intervention

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2:22 minutes BABIES: Question For Mom

Kidd has a quick question for all the moms who listen to the show. Can you help him?

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3:08 minutes Mother-In-Law Confessions

What do you REALLY want to tell her?

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2:44 minutes How hard is it to text message?

Kidd’s mom tried to test message him the other day asking him a question, but Kidd could not understand what she was trying to say. Are there people that you know like this?

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2:15 minutes How quick do you pass judgment on people?

Elizabeth was driving with her mom and saw something on a woman’s car that made her pass judgment on her right away. Wait till you hear how wrong they were.

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3:48 minutes Question: When is it ok to step in and help your kids dating problem?

Some parents take it too far with dating advice. Hear how far one mom goes to help her son find a date. Is your mother like this?

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