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3:55 minutes Great Debate: Do You Really Need To Get Married?

What side are you on? Find out what celebrity says "NO" to marriage.

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2:12 minutes Would You Do This?

If it meant you could have a happy marriage?

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3:19 minutes What would you change about your spouse?

If you could, would you change or eliminate something your spouse does?

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5:06 minutes Friends with an ex?

Would you be cool with your spouse having a friendship with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? Find out what two Milwaukee-area listeners think about the issue.

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4:18 minutes Separate Bank Accounts in a Marriage

One Mix listener is getting married in six months, and is thinking about keeping separate bank accounts after they're married. Is this a good idea? Find out what two local listeners think.

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2:19 minutes Is it OK to bring friends along on your honeymoon?

Alicia Keys and rapper Swizz Beatz are on their honeymoon, and Alicia's best friend Queen Latifah is tagging along. Would you consider bringing friends on your honeymoon? Find out what one Mix listener did on hers.

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3:00 minutes Have you ever caught your spouse in a lie?

How do you respond if you catch your spouse in a lie? Find out what Elizabeth did when faced with this very situation.

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4:26 minutes Do you regret getting married in your 20's?

You may not be alone.

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4:41 minutes Women planning their fiance's bachelor parties!

Kidd and Elizabeth discussing with listeners why some women plan their finance's bachelor parties.

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