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2:15 minutes ELECTION: Aaron Rodgers for Governor

Is Aaron Rodgers running for Governor? We have all the details.

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1:12 minutes PACKERS: Fans Vote AGAINST Rodgers

Why did so many Green Bay Packers fans vote against Aaron Rodgers?

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2:31 minutes SPORTS: Aaron Rodgers In Trouble

But you may be able to help him.

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2:29 minutes SPORTS: Aaron Rodgers Makes News

People are talking about a recent tweet from Aaron Rodgers. What do you think about it?

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2:21 minutes Have you found some strange and unexpected?

Elizabeth was doing the laundry the other day, and found something really weird and had to ask Aaron about it. Listen to find out what she found.

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1:25 minutes Who doesn’t love back to school?

With Aaron going back to school Elizabeth feels like she is going back to school as well; a changing schedule, getting up at different times and a grumpy school kid.

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2:14 minutes The best way to a man’s heart . . . food.

Finally Elizabeth has agreed with Kidd on the fact that men are simple. That the best was to make your man happy is to make him dinner.

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1:57 minutes Big kids go back to school too.

With Elizabeth’s big kid going to his first day of school she wanted to pack something extra special for him. Listen to find out what she did to get it.

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2:01 minutes Aaron at the Dentist

Elizabeth describes Aaron's trip to the dentist and what can result from great teeth cleaning.

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