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4:55 minutes Guys Who Write Love Letters

Do they really exist or is it just in the movies? We meet real Milwaukee men who write love letters.

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3:43 minutes How Do You Avoid a Holiday Fight?

Kidd & Elizabeth have a new list of the ways you can avoid fights at this years family parties. Find out the #1 way to avoid a fight.

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3:17 minutes The Great Debate: Too Soon For A Ring?

When is it too soon to get rings? Find out how quickly one mix listener wants to call it official. What do you think?

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19:15 minutes Waking Up A Bears Fan

How will Jojo react the morning after a big Bears loss when she gets a call from Packer Fans Kidd & Elizabeth?

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4:26 minutes How to Handle a Bad Date

What should you do when you are on a date and everything is turning out wrong? Listen and find out what an article suggests you should do.

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4:20 minutes What Women Don't Understand About Women

What are some things that some women don't understand about their own sex? Could it be having too much junk on their purse, or maybe hoarding nail polish? Listen here and find out.

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2:58 minutes When Women Fake the Big "O"

Can guys really tell when a woman is faking an orgasm during sex? And what percent of women fake an orgasm? Find out what a new study shows, and Super Straight Mike's opinion on the subject.

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3:14 minutes Crazy Wedding Moments

What is the craziest thing that you have witnessed at a wedding? find out what a groom's family did during the actual wedding ceremony.

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8:41 minutes Mercury in Retrograde!

Have you had strange things happen to you lately, or to anyone else you might know? this might be due to planet Mercury going into Retrograde. Listen here and find out about this strange phenomenon.

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5:14 minutes The Great Debate: Buying your ex a Christmas Gift

Is it OK to buy your ex girlfriend or boyfriend a Christmas gift, or would it be sending the wrong message? Listen here and find out.

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