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2:18 minutes The Underwear Test PART 2

What is your man wearing?

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0:50 minutes The Underwear Test PART 1

You can tell a lot from the kind of underwear your man wears...do you agree?

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1:22 minutes Kidd vs Wickett

What makes them SO different?

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1:38 minutes Embarassing Moment: See-Through Clothing

Has this ever happened to you in public...you'll never believe what happened to Elizabeth Kay and why her husband is NOT happy with her.

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1:09 minutes BUZZ: Angry Brad & Angie Fans

Find out who is MAD about Brad & Angie's engagement.

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1:18 minutes TITANIC: Scene Cut?

Did they cut one of the most important scenes from the movie? And why is it upsetting some men?

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2:31 minutes SPORTS: Aaron Rodgers In Trouble

But you may be able to help him.

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3:02 minutes K&E Confessions: Bedroom Injuries

Have you have been injured in the bedroom...can it top what happened to one mix listener?

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4:47 minutes BULLY: The Conversation

Every parent will want to take their child to this movie after hearing this mom's story.

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1:17 minutes BUZZ: Weird Laugh

Who has the weirdest laugh on television? Must hear audio...you be the judge!

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1:05 minutes Friday The 13th Facts

Did you know this?

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2:29 minutes SPORTS: Aaron Rodgers Makes News

People are talking about a recent tweet from Aaron Rodgers. What do you think about it?

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3:22 minutes You Be The Judge.

Do you tip on pre or post tax when dining out? Find out what experts say you should do.

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1:10 minutes VIRAL: The Next Adele?

This is the must hear audio of the day. Do you think this girl is better than Adele?

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1:04 minutes BUZZ: Carrie Underwood Life Change

Carrie is speaking out about why she has made a big life-style change.

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1:47 minutes BREWERS: Mike vs Kidd

Why was Mike shocked at something Kidd did during the Brewers game?

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1:41 minutes Dancing: Donald's Kids Speak

What do they have to say about one of the judges and what is their favorite store in Los Angeles? via WISN 12 NEWS

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1:29 minutes Jack's Apps: Instagram

Kidd's 9-year-old nephew brings fills us in on the app is he says every mom needs to have.

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0:52 minutes SUPER STAR: Are You Ready To Be On TV

Summerfest is casting for their latest commercials and they want YOU. Find out where you need to be for the auditions.

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1:54 minutes Embarrassing Photots

Have you ever had an embarrassing photo surface? What did you do to get rid of it?

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