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2:08 minutes BUZZ: Bachelor Attacked

Find out who is saying bad things about the Bachelor...do you agree?

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1:24 minutes Prom Crashers: Kidd O'Shea Goes to Prom

Who is the last person you would expect to show up at your prom? Wait until you hear how Kidd ended up at prom over the weekend and what he learned while there.

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1:58 minutes LIFE LESSON: What Woman Really Want

What does a woman really mean when she asks for your advice?

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2:08 minutes BUZZ: Celebrity Confession

Carrie Underwood confesses that she thinks her husband will NEVER do this...what do you think and do you agree with what Kidd believes is really going on ?

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3:44 minutes NEW TREND: Spicing It Up!

Ladies are doing lots of things to spice it up in the bedroom...Find out what new class Elizabeth is taking to add to the fun.

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1:41 minutes YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Did Kidd cross the line with his boss?

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1:01 minutes BUZZ: A New Reality Show

Find out who is in trouble for leaking details about a new reality show.

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2:22 minutes BABIES: Question For Mom

Kidd has a quick question for all the moms who listen to the show. Can you help him?

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1:54 minutes MISTAKEN: How would you react?

Find out what happened to one local woman while going through the TSA line?

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2:09 minutes RELATIONSHIPS: Is She Not That Into Him?

What do you think about the dilemma one of our friends is in? Is she trying to tell him something?

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1:51 minutes BUZZ: Questionable Listings

Time magazine just released a list of The Top 100 Most Influential People in the world...do you think this person should be on the list?

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1:12 minutes PACKERS: Fans Vote AGAINST Rodgers

Why did so many Green Bay Packers fans vote against Aaron Rodgers?

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1:11 minutes DICK CLARK: Ryan Seacrest Speaks

What did Ryan Seacrest have to say about the passing of his good friend Dick Clark. We have the emotional audio.

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3:00 minutes The People's Court: Getting Help From The Ex

Would you take financial help from an ex?

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2:08 minutes BACHELOR: Being Sued

Find out why...what do you think?

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2:19 minutes PACKERS: Fans Upset

Why are some Packer Fans upset about this years schedule?

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1:45 minutes STUFF: Tax Day Free Stuff

Find out where you can grab free stuff on tax day.

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1:58 minutes HOT OR NOT?

Ladies do you want your man to start doing this?

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3:51 minutes PROM: How Much Will You Spend?

A new national average has come out, are you above are below average?

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2:22 minutes VIRAL VIDEO: Sweet Jesus

This video is already up to 2.5 Million views. Find out why so many people are clicking on it.

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