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2:17 minutes What Your Man Wants!

Here is what your man really wants you to say about him when you're out with your girls.

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1:13 minutes POP NEWS: Royal Celeb Fight

Find out what celebrity has upset the Royal Family.

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2:53 minutes SPORTS: NFL History

What will happen during tomorrow's Packer game that will make NFL History?

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3:45 minutes Wedding Drama: What Would You Do?

Do you think Robert has a case here?

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3:52 minutes FACEBOOK: Does This Annoy You?

What would you say is the most annoying thing on facebook? Would you download this new app to block it?

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1:36 minutes Kidd's Campfire

Did he break the law?

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1:45 minutes BUZZ: Who Is Coming Back To Today?

The Today Show is making more changes.

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2:24 minutes SPORTS: Are The Packers In Trouble

Mike Wickett Fills us in...

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3:56 minutes Kidd's Boat Fire

What is the first thing you would grab if your house or boat were on fire? Would you pick what Kidd did?

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3:00 minutes Woman For A Day

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the opposite sex for a day? Find out why EVERY man wishes he could be a woman for just a day.

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1:20 minutes Jack's APPS: Thumb

What is this cool new app and why do you need it? Kidd's 9-year-old nephew fills us in.

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2:15 minutes ELECTION: Aaron Rodgers for Governor

Is Aaron Rodgers running for Governor? We have all the details.

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2:24 minutes Jack's Apps: I-Marcus

Kidd O'Shea's 9-year-old nephew reviews a new app via FaceTime.

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3:25 minutes ELECTION: Divided Houses

Do you live in a divided household when it comes to politics? How do you some local couples make it work?

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1:43 minutes YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Does 15 items or less REALLY mean 15 items or less?

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3:52 minutes What is 50% Friday?

Kidd & Elizabeth explain...will you join?

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2:47 minutes Get Free Stuff in Vegas

If you do this...

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1:58 minutes K&E Confessions: Big Buys

30% of couples admit to lying about what they spend money on. Can your story top one mix listeners?

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1:30 minutes 50 Shades: Live Reading

Are you a fan of 50 Shades of Grey? You may or may not enjoy this live reading.

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2:38 minutes RELATIONSHIPS: Spice It Up!

Here is simple way to spice up your next date!

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