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3:52 minutes Dear Mr Goodell...

What do you want tell Roger Goodell of the NFL?

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4:50 minutes Great Family Debate: How Much Do You Tip?

What is the proper amount to tip when you're out for brunch and it's a buffet?

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2:28 minutes Kidd's Self Breast Exam

Part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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2:28 minutes National Single Week

Do you like being single? Some people actually love it!

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2:03 minutes Let's Laugh!

The Funniest Moments from TV last night including Honey Boo Boo drama!

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2:20 minutes Gay, Straight & Married

Is the single life better than married life?

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2:54 minutes Get Out Of A Bad Date

Just by doing this...

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3:08 minutes What's In Elizabeth's Mouth?

Can you guess it?

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3:40 minutes Prank Calling JOJO: The Bears Still SUCK

What happens when you wake a sleeping Bears fan up the morning after a Packers Victory?

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4:29 minutes CAUGHT: Sending a Naughty Photo

This doesn't only happen Hollywood. Wait until you hear what Milwaukee listeners have been caught sending photos to the WRONG people.

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1:49 minutes Kidd & Anderson?

Are Kidd & Anderson Cooper the same person?

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3:51 minutes I hate doing "blank" around the house?

What is it for you?

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5:12 minutes Have you ever naked talked?

This is a new relationship trend...would it work for you?

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2:06 minutes Do you knee drive?

What do you do when you are knee driving and can it top what woman was doing when she called?

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6:14 minutes How Much Does Your Tooth Fairy Leave?

This is a great debate and Kidd & Elizabeth may have solved it.

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4:45 minutes How much do you get?

What is the average amount of "you know what" a guy should be getting each week?

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3:36 minutes Super Straight Mike: Who is more selfish?

Who is more selfish Kidd O'Shea or Super Straight Mike? Take the quiz right now to find out if you're selfish.

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2:52 minutes Do You Fight In Public?

Would you have done what Elizabeth did?

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2:12 minutes Would You Do This?

If it meant you could have a happy marriage?

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2:06 minutes Taylor Swift: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

The #1 downloaded song in the country is creating a lot of buzz.

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