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3:34 minutes How do I tell my husband he can't change his job

Rebecca wants to know how to tell her husband he can't become a massage therapist. (Aired 08/25/09)

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2:38 minutes Kidd is the worst uncle in the world

Find out what Kidd did that may make him the worst uncle in the world. (Aired 08/24/09)

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2:24 minutes How do I tell my husband I don't want him in my bed?

Carrie wants to know how to tell her husband he needs to sleep on the couch. (Aired 08/24/09)

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9:13 minutes Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett speaks for the first time since attack.

Mayor Tom Barrett was attacked as he tried to help the woman and her 1-year-old granddaughter near the Wisconsin State Fair on Saturday. The mayor shattered a hand, lost some teeth and had gashes on his face and head. He addressed the public from his home 8/19/2009. (9:13)

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1:30 minutes Brett Favre on a Soap Opera?

Listen to what Brett sounded like during a recent appearance on a hit soap opera. (Aired 08/19/09)

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3:40 minutes What is more shocking than Brett Favre becoming a Viking?

We found it, do you agree? (Aired 08/19/09)

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1:07 minutes What not to text in a new relationship

Make sure you don't break these 4 rules. (Aired 08/17/09)

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3:55 minutes What should I do if I find my husband's "adult" movies?

Do you tell him, or just pretend you never saw it? (Aired 08/14/09)

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2:15 minutes Kidd's nephew's (3 and 6 years old) chime in about JJ Hardy

(Aired 08/13/09) Find out why Max has figured out what the Brewers really need to win.

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2:13 minutes What should you NOT wear at the WI State Fair?

Find out if something you like to wear is on the list. (Aired 07/31/09)

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5:37 minutes Was my gay ex-boyfriend ever into me?

(Aired 08/12/09) Dan chimes in about what it was like being gay and dating girls.

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2:10 minutes Classy or Trashy: The Dollar Dance

Planning a wedding? Is it classy or trashy to do the dollar dance? (Aired 08/10/09)

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5:03 minutes Why you shouldn't friend your boss on Facebook...

Listen to the reasons people don't hit "accept" when their boss asks them to be friends on facebook. (Aired 08/10/09)

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3:21 minutes Why are men wearing engagement rings?

Is this a new trend? (Aired 08/12/2009)

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2:33 minutes Should you schedule time with your partner?

Would you ever schedule intimate time with your partner? Find out who it is working for.

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4:57 minutes Are you connected to Elizabeth Kay?

It seems like she knows everyone in Milwaukee, does she know you?

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4:58 minutes Who gets the ring?

He cheated on you, so you called off the engagement...now who gets the ring?

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3:07 minutes The 4 guys you need....

Are you single? Here is the list of the 4 guys every single lady needs in her life. Do you have them all?

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2:31 minutes Should Wisconsin have sex laws?

What would you make law? Find out what some people think should already be set in stone.

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