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4:26 minutes Snooki Fails on Letterman! Phillip Phillips sings the National Anthem.

Listen to Phillip Phillips singing the National Anthem at the World Series, and Snooki as she tries to answer an easy Jersey Shore question on David Letterman.

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4:40 minutes When a Friend Owes you Money

What happens to a friendship when there is money owed involved, and how do you deal with it? listen here and find out.

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2:15 minutes Funny Clips

Need a laugh? Wait until you hear what Hoda & Kathy Lee were talking about today.

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5:00 minutes Don't Annoy Me On The Road

What is the most annoying thing OTHER drivers do?

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3:51 minutes Good Things After Bad Break Up

What is the best thing that happened to you after a break-up? You will never believe what happened to one woman.

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5:12 minutes How Many Times a Week?

What is the perfect number for you? Wait until you hear how many times a week one couple is doing it.

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3:55 minutes Great Debate: Do You Really Need To Get Married?

What side are you on? Find out what celebrity says "NO" to marriage.

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4:05 minutes Spicy Debate

Were you sitting down watching the last Presidential Debate, or listening to it while you were doing other activities around the House? Find out what Elizabeth was doing!

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3:46 minutes Couple's Court: Television in the Bedroom

Is having a TV in the bedroom a good idea, or can in cause some intimacy issues? Find out here in Couple's Court

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5:38 minutes Relationship Intervention

What happens when a son confronts his mom LIVE on the radio about interfering with his dating life? Find out in this Relationship Intervention

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4:04 minutes Lose My Number

Have you ever told a guy to "lose your number" ?

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4:54 minutes What Would You Say To This Bride?

Do you think she is taking it to far? Have you ever had to deal with a crazy bride?

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3:20 minutes Will He Run If I Tell Him "I Love You" ?

Listen to what one listener is going through right now in her relationship and why she is worried to tell her man "I Love You"

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3:23 minutes Can you say "I Love You" after 1 Month?

Wait until you hear why some listeners say YES!

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4:24 minutes Embarrassing In-Law Moments

You'll never believe what happened to one listener.

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4:17 minutes Weird Food Combos

What is the weirdest food combination you have ever heard of?

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4:11 minutes Have you been set up on date?

Did it work?

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2:39 minutes Do You Know a Poodle?

What is your Honey Boo Boo Poodle's name?

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4:06 minutes Packers & Bears Fan Unite

Yes, this really did happen today. Was history made?

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