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4:10 minutes Embarrassing Falls

Did you see Jennifer Lawrence fall on the stairs at the Oscars last weekend? And have you ever had an embarrassing fall in public? Listen to some funny stories from callers!

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6:01 minutes Too Young to be Engaged?

When is the right time in life to get engaged? And what advice would you give to a young couple still in college who want to get married? Take a listen!

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3:46 minutes Relationship Intervention: Bartender Stealing Money

What happens when Jim confronts his employee about stealing money from customers at his bar? Listen as this Relationship Intervention unfolds!

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4:51 minutes Relationship Intervention: Stylist Spills Secret

What happens when Jessica confronts her hairstylist for spilling her secrets to other clients? Listen to this Relationship Intervention!

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5:11 minutes Relationship Intervention: Dog is not Allowed Anymore

What happens when Julie confronts her boyfriend and tells him he can no longer bring his dog to her house? Listen to this week's Relationship Intervention!

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3:53 minutes Keeping a Secret from Vegas

Should you tell your friend that her significant other did something bad in Vegas? And is it right to break the "Vegas Code"? Listen to this story!

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3:31 minutes Changing to Another Hairstylist

How much confidence should you have in your new hairstylist the first time you go in? Listen here and find out!

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2:36 minutes Should you Expect to "Get It"?

If you were to take a girl out on a surprise overnight trip to a special place, is it right to expect sex in return? Listen to what some callers had to say!

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4:42 minutes Showering before Working Out

Do you tend to take a shower before you go to the gym? And is there an interesting reason behind it? Listen to why some people to do it!

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7:10 minutes Keeping Secrets from Spouse

What major secret are you keeping from your spouse? Listen to some people's juicy confessions!

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3:08 minutes Too Soon to Meet the Parents?

How far along in the relationship should it be, in order to meet the Parents of your significant other? Listen to what some listeners have to say!

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4:19 minutes Relationship Intervention: Ex at your Wedding

What happens when a family member decides to bring your ex to your Wedding? Find out what happens between two cousins in this Relationship Intervention!

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6:07 minutes What Women Expect on a First Date

What do women really expect from guys on a first date? Find out what a recent study shows and listen to what Super Straight Mike has to say about it!

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3:27 minutes Gifts for a Second Wedding

Should a couple have a gift registry for their Wedding, if both people have already been married once? What are the rules on this subject? Find out what listeners think!

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1:55 minutes Funny Moments With Kids

Kids say the funniest things! What did your kids say when they saw you naked? And can it top these stories? Listen and find out!

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4:42 minutes What Happened To Elizabeth In The Bedroom?

Has this happened to you and your husband?

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4:12 minutes Has This Happened To You?

Al Roker: 'I pooped my pants' at the White House

He is not alone...wait until you hear what happened to one mix listener that called into Kidd & Elizabeth.

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3:26 minutes Don't Do This In Bed...

What is the most embarrassing thing that could happen when getting it on? Wait until you hear this list and what was #1!

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1:57 minutes First Date Rules

Should this be an automatic first date NO-NO?

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2:53 minutes No Hands

Are you trying to avoid the flu? Try what Kidd is doing, it may work.

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