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4:19 minutes Relationship Intervention: Ex at your Wedding

What happens when a family member decides to bring your ex to your Wedding? Find out what happens between two cousins in this Relationship Intervention!

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6:07 minutes What Women Expect on a First Date

What do women really expect from guys on a first date? Find out what a recent study shows and listen to what Super Straight Mike has to say about it!

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3:27 minutes Gifts for a Second Wedding

Should a couple have a gift registry for their Wedding, if both people have already been married once? What are the rules on this subject? Find out what listeners think!

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1:55 minutes Funny Moments With Kids

Kids say the funniest things! What did your kids say when they saw you naked? And can it top these stories? Listen and find out!

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4:42 minutes What Happened To Elizabeth In The Bedroom?

Has this happened to you and your husband?

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4:12 minutes Has This Happened To You?

Al Roker: 'I pooped my pants' at the White House

He is not alone...wait until you hear what happened to one mix listener that called into Kidd & Elizabeth.

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3:26 minutes Don't Do This In Bed...

What is the most embarrassing thing that could happen when getting it on? Wait until you hear this list and what was #1!

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1:57 minutes First Date Rules

Should this be an automatic first date NO-NO?

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2:53 minutes No Hands

Are you trying to avoid the flu? Try what Kidd is doing, it may work.

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3:46 minutes Celebrity Babies

If you had to babysit one celebrity baby over the weekend...which one would it be?

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