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3:38 minutes Weird Parents

what is the weirdest thing your parents have saved from your childhood? And can it beat these items? Take a listen!

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4:53 minutes Relationship Intervention: Boyfriend is Gross

What happens when Marina confronts her boyfriend of two months about him spitting on customers' food at the restaurant they work at? Listen to this Relationship Intervention!

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4:19 minutes Naming "The Girls"

Women, do you have a nickname for the girls in your chest? Find out what some women have named theirs!

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2:29 minutes Expensive Kids

What is the most expensive mistake your child has made? And can it top these stories? Listen and find out!

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3:54 minutes Dissecting the Text

What advice could you give Brandy on an awkward text she received from her ex? Take a listen!

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3:44 minutes Still Calling Your Mom?

Do you still find yourself regularly calling your mom for help and advice? And what does she think about it? Take a listen!

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3:36 minutes Paying It Forward

Have you ever had a person pay it forward for you at a coffee drive-through? And did you pay it forward for someone else after? Listen to some stories!

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3:34 minutes Caller is Asked Unexpected Question

Listen as a conversation between Kidd and a call winner takes an interesting turn!

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4:27 minutes Dating a Bad Kisser

Have you ever dated someone who was a bad kisser? And did you break up with them for this reason? Find out what some callers had to say!

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4:10 minutes Embarrassing Falls

Did you see Jennifer Lawrence fall on the stairs at the Oscars last weekend? And have you ever had an embarrassing fall in public? Listen to some funny stories from callers!

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